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The Goodbye Thread

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RIP James Street, more than half a year ago; he played the vocal role of Huck in the Strawberry Shortcake cartoons, but passed away, tragically, at the age of 13, from a skateboarding accident. He hit his head on the pavement after falling from his skateboard while skating near his home. Too bad he didn't wear a helmet, and too bad that it seemed as though DiC or the official SSC site didn't post an obituary or something... :mellow:

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Bump! sorry for bumping :( :( :(

This week Azorel, my dog died :(:cry: It was such a good dog, can't forget how happy he was everytime I visited him ... He was found dead by my grandmother in the morning ... I was shocked when I found about it 2 days ago, I still can't believe my favorite dog is dead.


Rest In Peace Azorel ( 2003 -2008 ) ... hope a Dog Heaven exists ... you deserve it ...

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One of the few really decent people I've known. He passed away last Friday during surgery (8 hour marathon trying to

fix a bad Aorta, just could not get the bleeding under control).

Things almost never worked out for him but he still kept a good attitude & would give someone his last dollar if he thought

it would help.

The world is a little darker w/out him.

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^ I second that as well, R.I.P.

Early this morning, Bernie Mac died aged 50 after a short bout of pneumonia, which really shocked me. Although I haven\'t seen him in many films, I saw all the Oceans and some of Charlies Angels, and he was great.


There's several links after a quick Google search - http://www.google.co.uk/search?client=fire...G=Google+Search and there's a tribute to him here - http://www.lastingtribute.co.uk/tribute/mac/2871519

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