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Favorite Radio Station


Favorite Radio Station  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite radio station in VCS?

    • Flash FM
    • V-Rock
    • Paradise FM
    • VCPR
    • VCFL
    • The Wave 103
    • Fresh 105 FM
    • Espantoso
    • Emotion 98.3

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From Vice City all are great ,best soundtrack,best radios.I like VCPR and Espantoso or Flash FM,both are cool.

From all GTAs:Rrrrrrraaaadio Espantosooooooo!My sister likes the most Flash FM.Haven`t played the storeis games but maybe there are better radios...I doubt it.

This would've been better posted in the Vice City sub-forum, then. Vice City Stories' soundtrack really compare to Vice City's.

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Flash FM always plays the shit tracks I don't like, so I've played the fuck out of Fresh 105, definitely my official favorite.

On that mission High Wire I did EVERYTHING I could to pass it, wore different outfits, played different station, hell I even played V-Rock to see if this one gives me some luck, but I beat the mission with Radio off because my concentration went up!

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My favorite is Flash FM,most of my favorite songs are in the playlist like ' Wouldn't It Be Good' and ' Stay For Good This Time' plus the DJs are funny,bitchfight all day baby ! I also love VRock,Emotion,The Wave 103 and VCPR (New World Order and Bait & Switch in particular ).I like the soundtrack of Vice City Stories more than the soundtrack of old Vice City,VCPR and Wave used to suck badly in old Vice City.Seems like they put crappiest 70s/80s songs into old Vice City and left the best for Vice City Stories

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