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Favorite Empire Building Mission


Favorite Empire Mission  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite Empire mission?

    • Protection Racket
    • Loan Shark
    • Prostitution
    • Drugs
    • Smuggling
    • Robbery

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Most of you that have finished or have attempted every Empire mission type know how they are so which one was your favorite? I'll just rate them on how I liked them. Mine was Loan Shark.

Loan Shark

Pros- This was really the easiest of the six, IMO. All you had to do was knock someone off their PCJ-600 and take it or damage a Benson enough so the driver can get out and take it back to the Empire. It was really easiest to do in Viceport near Escobar International.

Cons- Not really much. The onlt one I can think of is that you could be following a PCJ all throughout the section of the island or spend a whole lot of time trying to knock that Benson off the road.


Pros- Smuggling was fun since you just simply get to take a Jetmax to a location and collect packages. It was even easy at higher levels depending where your Empire is.

Cons- The Jetmax is slow even though it has good handling. That's really it.


Pros- It was easy and it didn't require travelling throughout the section of the island.

Cons- When clients try to beat up the hooker, the hooker's health does down at a high rate and time limits to go to a destination were a bit low.

Protection Racket

Pros- Not much, but it's fun damaging store property and killing Cholos, Bikers, and Sharks.

Cons- This may be the dumbest Empire mission because sometimes your car disappears when you have to travel to a store that's being under attack and the drive-bys from the rival gang members don't do any good.

I think that's enough for now. What was your favorite?

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What about drug running and robbery?

I liked Protection Racket and Loan Sharking, those were the most fun to me. For the most part, they got annoying. I hated the smuggling ones.

I know but I couldn't be bothered right now to type what I think about the Drugs and Robbery.

Edit: @ps3 player: Yes, in a way they were like side missions but then again they were a little like the Property Missions from Vice City only Empire Buliding's more complex.

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If you have to use a boat for smuggling then I can safely say right now that'll be my least favourite.

Protection and loansharking are my favourites so far, prostitution is a bit too taxi-driver like for my liking.

Yep, you use a boat for Smuggling but in the later levels, they get more fun on the run back to the Empire.

Yeah, I should put the taxi-driver thing for Prostitution a con.

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my favourite was prostitution, because it was fairly straightforward and required a lot of travelling and shortcut taking, depending on how tight your time limit was, and my second favourite was the protection racket, because killing people in VCS feels a lot more satisfying than before.

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