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Is anybody excited?!


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yeh defnetly get it on ps3..if you want the full experience:) i know i am

I've started saving up for a PS3 too, I think i should have atleast enough for one by October.

Even if I DON'T have enough money to buy a PS3 by October, I'm definately going to buy the game on launch date anyway. Just because. xD

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I'm literally jumping out of my seat right now. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. I mean, I would have expectd everybody freaking out at least by now!

So how excited are you about the GTA IV trailer comming out tomorrow? Be honest!! :D

Havn't seen us excited?!?! Lol, but ya, I'm pretty dang happy right now. Probably won't see it on TV when it first airs but I'm sure I'll see it later on TV and see it on the internet a hundred times.
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It's less than 9 hours til launch now!!! Omg Omg I can't wait!! *screams*

I'm in School right now lol xP since I live in new york the trailer if going to be released @ 5:00pm for me so by then I'll be ready!

EDIT: Aw crap sorry for the repost that was a mistake... my computer's being gay, please delete this D:

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