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Next GTA Location


Where do you think the next GTA will be set?  

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  1. 1. Where do you think the next GTA will be set?

    • Vice City
    • San Andreas
    • Los Santos
    • San Fierro
    • Las Venturas
    • Chicago
    • Carcer City
    • London
    • The UK
    • Europe
    • Australia
    • Tokyo
    • Futuristic city (like GTA2)
    • Other real life city
    • New fictional city

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Maybe Miami (Vice City) i guess, but i think they will go for SA as there has been a lot more VC and LC stuff goin on. Or they might as well stop using previously created cities and invent a new one based on somewhere else. I doubt it will be anything outside the US though...

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Manchester, England

Glasgow, Scotland (Crime Ridden - Highest Crime City in the UK)

Blackpool, England (There will nothing like riding down some of the rides there in a GTA game)

London, England

Portsmouth, England (Mainly because it has a mega huge marina and harbour there)

Paris (I would love to see a European City in a game, I have never been off into Mainland Europe before ( I can't believe I have lived on an Island for 14 years of my life (The UK)))




Moscow (Now that has to be my favourite along with London)

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OMG GTA IV hasn't even been released on the PC yet! It's a bit early to even tell if they are gonna bother with another one (High chance they will though)

I would want a city totally of their imagination. Or much better... Another state. Or even a country! lol. But I don't really care. This 8th (Or w/e) generation isn't for me... It just isn't my style...

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I just hope if you play in London the guy play as does not sound like KENT PAUL.

Indeed, normal British will do ;).


Yeah I hate when american films/shows exagerate british or english accents. Just cause we actually speak english and not american/bad english! :lol: But at the same time not all americans speak like that and i've never heard one person speak like they think we do. "Oright mayt fockin nora" I've NEVER heard a britsh person say that. Even the Northeners don't except the chavs. The most weird speakin ppl here are southerners :D lol. I live there now >.<

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Another thing I would hate is the accent of those BBC News presenters, they only speak on one note permanently and they don't even laugh, boring British.

Portuguese news reporters laugh. It was an day that a reporter laughted soo much that some guy uploaded a video onto YouTube :lolbounce:

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I hope they either do Lisbon, London or Berlin. I would love those cities, but I have to say that they must do a European setting at some point because they need to leave North America at some point whether they leave to Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Middle east or South America. I would have no problem with the next game as long as it is out of the United States of America.

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L.A. , hood life is popular so bring it back!

Nooo. Not that again.

Don't quote me again.

Yeah your the guy who said you will 'ignore' me if I join your gang. And here is the ignoring ^^ :rolleyes:

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