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What's your favourite game character?


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Probably my favourite character, mainly because of the way he makes things look effortless. I'd never have thought gloves and a suit would work together so well.


Ameratsu as well mainly because the game worked so brilliantly. Other than that, I have lots of others I like, but none that particularly stand out.

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I would do anything for another Jet Set Radio. ;_;

I forgot all about that!

At a birthday I played it once, and didn't get it. I swear, I'm going to find that game now. And buy it. (:

Oh, btw uhh 3rd place for me is probably your own able to characterize guy/girl in the Tony Hawk series, second has to be has two be those two crazy guys' in the desert you meet is San Andreas[forget their names]....

....and easily my first place in Claude.

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