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Bitch, look at the sign up date.

I've been goin' to thegtaplace for what? 4 years? On and off.

Yes, 2005, making it two years, not four. :rolleyes:

You have less than 100 posts, making you a newbie imo.

I dont have 100 posts yet,I`m not a newb.

Wow, illiterate much?

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All depends on your attitude on the forum and how long you've been visiting the forums as well. If you're a n00b, they would be various ways for a member to show it. Example number 1:

hi all... i am a new member here and i am stuck on gtasa modding. can u or anyone help me?
ok.... lol,but can you download gtasa for free?if you can thx...

That's a noob when they're stuck, I could show you more examples, but that would go off-topic which shouldn't be done. Osiris has been here before us so therefore he's not defined as a newb, he's more of 2 year old member. But looking at Sky's post, he's Insane_Pyro28 which means he's a old member of the forum, so he really has been here for a while, not two years just because he joined in 05'.

You also can't call him a newbie just because he's got a low post count, he's actually been here for a long time, so he's not a newbie, more like a good old' member from the past, even though I've been here for a year, I could be mistaken. Anyways, back on topic, hi Osiris and enjoy your time back on TGTAP, hope you can stick around more longer. So see you around! :)

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