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Hi people, I just joined, obviously.

I created this account mainly out of boredom, and of course I'm a fan of the GTA series.

Recently I decided that I would complete GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas 100%, because I have never really completed any game 100%. So far I've only got about 70% of GTA3 complete.

Well, that's about it. I hope I enjoy my stay here.

God Bless and enjoy yo' stay here, homie... :lolbounce:

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Nice, your a Half Life 2 fan? Have you got The Orange Box?

No i dont but i have the first 1 for PS2 and computer+Opposing force Xpansion for PC and the Half life 2 demo(for some reason my parentss can buy my sister a PS2(even tho the comp is i her room and the(well now mine) PS2 is in mine) but they cant by me a simple orange box(with some video gaems)! :pissedred::pissedred::pissedred: )

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Hi, My name is Brendon sibraa, I joined around August or..something last year but for some reason never posted nor got an introduction thingy. :|

Well, I'm 13 years old, 14 in a month. I live in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. My hobbies are YouTube machinima, I just started Fan Fiction and loving it, and music. Oh and video gaming.

I play the guitar, bass and the drums. I'm not really into reading but I'm enjoying GTA Fan Fiction and reading the Resident Evil book series. I own every GTA(Except VCS now, It got scratched, a lot)

Is that all? Yeah, I guess...

Oh, and please excuse my constant IP change every few day, mods and admins, I'm on dial up for the next three-five days. After that, i'm getting 20mbps internet

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Welcome sibraa5!

Welcome to the GTAPlace Toast Boy. I like the name.

Scottish member eh? Nice!

Good luck on the 100%!

Yeah, I'm Scottish, and there doesn't seem to be many other Scots here for some reason.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for their welcomes. :D

Sean Connery is the greatest Scot alive!


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