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The ^<v Game


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^when hell frezzes over

<bored as well

Vnow this guy is a spamer

Ok, LOOK. Alot of you are not playing right. When you post your ^ statement it is not a reply to the previous person's V statement. It is saying something about that person. Please stop commenting about your self or their comments with that space. If it is not a statement ABOUT THAT PERSON ABOVE YOU, then it doesn't need to be in that space.

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Are you saying I don't know anything about the PSP? Seriously people, PLEASE play the game right. You do NOT reply with your ^, you DESCRIBE THE PERSON ABOVE YOU. Damn, I'm tired of repeating myself.

Continue on, the person below me shall be the one who "isn't getting the PS3", to keep things not confusing. You can also comment on GTAVC instead of me.

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^ Is a complete n00b.

< Knows how to work his avatar, obviously. Also knows how to play the Sony game systems, obviously. I also know that Slavik is mis-informed about the PSP battery life, probably because of those stupid Nintendo Fan-Boys who spread lies. My friend had his battery life say it had 10 hours left.

V Didn't know about what I just said until just now, because of Spaz The Great.

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