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TGTAP Gathering

Harwood Butcher

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Tbh, travelling would be the most fun.

I'd like to do this, but I'm 14 :/

Meh some people tell me I look older.

I'd like to meet up in England.

That is the reason why I'm having doubts, my age. To add to that, the cost of travel too, it's going to cost a lot more for you than it will for me though. Not a lot of people around our age have the money to go further than 20 or 30 miles unless it's by train. I can probably afford a £15 round trip-ticket to London though :P What would the prices be where you are DH?

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Yeah but I've been recommended by many people not to go to Heathrow. It may be cheaper going any four of London's other airports. I think Standsted, London City or Gatwick would be the better choices for international and national travelling from Europe and the British Isles. Heathrow still has a lot of problems including BA Terminal 5.

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Country: Canada

Territory/State: Ontario

City: Mississauga

Square One is a popular mall here and it's within a reasonable distance. Just be prepared to be somewhat embarrassed if someone looks at me the wrong way as we are walking and I tell them off.

ok i could go to ontario, i live in alberta and my parents will let me go anywheres in canada :lolbounce:

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How about Hawaii? Its location is excellent for the American, Australian, and Asian members! Granted, our European members will be kinda screwed.

I'm going to Hawaii in August so everyone go there :D. London so easy for me as its cheap (£3 ticket) and takes 50 minutes. But hopefully I will be driving soon.

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Well of course... There are many reasons why I say that apart from living there myself.

1. Very Historic

2. Speaks English (Invented the English Language, primary country of the Anglosphere)

3. Diverse weather (South of England is usually warm whereas the North can be windy etc.)

4. Cities are close to each other (My examples being Birmingham and Cardiff; Edinburgh and Stirling; Glasgow and Belfast)

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