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Unwanted GTA IV Features

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well yes i think the girlf frieds was really anoying they would rong you wanted to go out on dates and all u wanted to do was kill other gangs and joy ride around sanandrease.

but the gang war i think they was great. they have too put them back into GTA IV they was reaslistic and its adds a touch to that game they was great funn and easy weapens asweel when you kill them. if u dont cheat!

what they need to put back into the grand theft aytos is were you are aloud to rob shops. in vice city you could go in a shop and carry a colt phython with you and threaten anyone in the shops for there cash. this was a great. they forgot to put this is sanandrease but i really hope you can do this on Gta IV. also i think there should be an in car view screen were u see hte steering wheel!

what i dont want to see is the Sex scenes with the GF and wierd car damage were the panals of the cars just fall of like they was stuck on my crap super glue! so in other words reaslistic car damage!

also i dont want peaple to keep on running when you shot them 3 times in the chest! i want them to fall on the fall crying in pain! mwhahaha

sanadrease was spot on it was all perfect expept from the GFs and the sex scene!

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The inability to pick up hookers. That's a staple in the GTA series and should never be taken away.

I agree. And the prostitutes should have a unique skin... because in VC they're were so much women that it was almost impossible to see whos a prostitute and whos a beacher.

In gta3 it was easy, cuz they're was a beach but noone whent there, so the prostitutes are really easy to get

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