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Your Internet Speed

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Ehh...better than nothin'.

Lol I can't believe no one has noticed how shopped this is, unless all of you were being weirdly sarcastic or something... it's on imageshack and you managed to get a 19ms ping to a server 5 and a half thousand miles away :lol:

The fact it's somehow stopped at 9999 is a bit lame, you should have gone higher, to like a T1 or something.

Finally someone noticed. :P

To me it looked like that thing woudn't be able to go past the 9999 kb/s so I just did that...or else I would have.

I thought 19 ping sounded reasonable for the distance I used. :lolbounce:

Anyways...that was fun...

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It all depends on your area. If you live in a Area were it only goes up to 4MB then it will stay like that in part of your area, it can change depending on if they actually raise the internet connectivity in our town. The maximum I believe you can go up to is 15mb, I'm not sure, but if you're a Sky Broadband user, you can go up to that, but it all depends on the area you live in.

And to show you how crap my internet connection is:


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You think that's bad my Dial-up connection is a light year worse! It takes like 5 minutes to load a TGTAP page...Over an hour to download 1MB...over 7 hours to load Hotmail if the connection goes kuku (I'm being serious it happened last night) And nearly 3 hours to download one song buy a song from iTunes :). It's driving me crazy!!

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@ chris82:

The problem, which I told GTA Don before was that here in Australia Telstra owns all the phone lines so other ISP's are required to pay Telstra a in order to use their lines. What happens is, Telstra can cut you off at ANY time, and when you complain they say it was a fault. Well what a coincidence it is when it happens to everyone else but themselves. Shifty people <_<

But anyway, I took my new connection for a test drive and got these results:

Downstream: 276KB/ps

Upstream: 26KB/ps

Also, here in Australia every ISP has VERY limited download allowance. I (well my mum, in which I am very thankful of) pay a monthly fee of $40 to get 5GB of download allowance. Telstra's cheapest ADSL plan allows 200MB of downloads every month, so it isn't really value for money here when it comes to ISP's...

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