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Favourite Gang Car

Favourite Gang Car  

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  1. 1. Favourite Gang Car

    • Diablo Stallion
    • Mafia Sentinel
    • Cartel Cruiser
    • Hoods Rumpo XL
    • Yakuza Stinger
    • Yardie Lobo
    • Triad Fish Van

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Well Yardies is one of my favourite gangs you know and I like the Yardie Lobo, but favourite gang car eh, I'd say I like the Leone Sentinel pretty damn much, feels pretty damn professional and all.

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I have since changed my mind on the gang car. Here is all of them in order.

1. - Diablo Stallion (Why? Protection + Speed = Good)

2. - Yakuza Stinger

3. - Leone Sentinel

4. - Hoods Rumpo XL

5. - Cartel Cruiser

6. - Yardie Lobo

7. - Triad Fish Van

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