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What's in a name?


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Wanted a Japanese sounding name.

Just played around with stuff for a while.

Arashi means Storm in Japanese and I just added a few things.

Could also be Air Ash Two.

Had it for a while and don't intend to change it soon. Used to all the time though.

Your name is one of my favorite names at TGTAP tbh..

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my old TGTAP name(When it was still GTA Evolution forums)as Gtadude221

My sig (the thing in the top left corner below the name?or is it the avatar...?anyway)was a Radioactive sign

because im,quite frankly, very dangerous to mess around with. :worship::worship::coolthumbup:

Gtadude221 because i like GTA and "dude" is really self explanitory.221 is just some random numbers

My current name(Advillia)was made some time ago,I was playing WoW for the first time and i had to make a name...

I saw aa box of advil and it just stuck on.

My sig and avvy are of Half lie opposing force and half life 2 because im a big HL fan

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Hum, well my name was made, when me and my buddy went to play counter-strike, i didnt at the time have any permanent name, so he gaved me the name dogzilla, the name did go threw several changes, like from... dogzilla --> DoGziLLa --> d0gz1lla .

Its even more funny that my real name, has origines from old slovanic word that means "dog". When i was all into the raping scene, i got sticked to the name snoppy (ppl said i look like snoop dog...) so basicly all that contributed to sticking the name dogzilla.

And may i add my favorite animal is dog (doberman).

Well thats it, nothing special, just how i got my nick name.

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My Name 'Callumpy' Is A Combination OF My First And Last Name

Callum Is My 1st And My Second Is Parkinson

Then CallumP is my username at school were i got the idea!

Then People Started Calling Me Lumpy Because if you take the 'Cal' bit off it says Lumpy

So then i added them together and it became Callumpy

And my avatar is Anti-VirginMedia :)

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Don't think I've posted here yet for some reason but I will now...

Artur - my real name (kinda weird but sorta long story and if somebody asks I doubt you'll believe me)

Avatar - Pepsi-Man was a great and funny ass game on PS1 back in the 90s and just a good memory of the good old days.

Sig - Just a sweet DS sig that mvi or now he's Smurf made, I should actually get around to changing it soon.

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Me? I'm still Huck; got the name from a guy in the Strawberry Shortcake cartoons, which I like... The avatar? oh, it's an Photoshopped screencap from the Disney TV movie Eloise At The Plaza, much like the larger one below:


I'm still keeping my old sig, since I'll still be a gang leader...

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Name: Just suited me, I used to be called Mr. GTA but that became overrated and I was busting my balls till I came up with GTA Don. I thought it sounded cool.

Avatar: I have great respect for Rockstar, especially Grand Theft Auto.

Signature: Thanks to TM, the car - it's basically the BMW that you first start off with in the game NFS MW. It also has a rounded rectangle, used a few blending options, and some grunge brushes. Scanlines also used.

Deji, hola amigo!

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Ok, my turn

USERNAME: my favorite GTA game was GTAIII and the main character, whom we now know was named claude, was referred to as Fido the entire game. Seeing as he was my favorite character in my favorite game, i chose that.

AVATAR: dont have one yet

SIGNATURE: its my GTA fansites banner which links to my GTA Fansite

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