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The Best Vehicle


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What is the best vehicle out of the whole GTA Series.








Out of all of them -


Well heres mine:



GTA III - Yakuza Stinger

GTA VC - Banshee

GTA SA - Bullet

GTA LCS - Stretch

GTA VCS - Jet ski, Poleras YV (I think I spelt that right?)

Out of all of them - GTA Vice City Banshee

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Yeah, I'm putting 2 for most, but, heh.

GTA I - Countach

GTA II - Itali GTO (ftw)

GTA III - Yakuza Stinger, Borgnine

GTA VC - Infernus, Squallo II

GTA SA - Euros (Just, love the rare cars :P), Bandito

GTA LCS - Mr. Whooppe (Once i finally fucking caught one :P) (Don't has PSP anymore :( . and, Manchez

GTA VCS - Little Willie (Mature huh?) and.... The.. lne that looms like the Delorean DMC12... argh! HALP!

Overall - Bandito ftw.

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Yeah, pretty much Bandito para la Vitoria!

Other then that one I love the Turismo, the NRG, the Stinger, the Chettah and the Sabre.

But for the list:

GTA1: Played but can't decide.

GTA2: Played but can't decide.

GTA3: Yakuza Stinger.

GTAVC: Kaufman Cabs cab(FTW)

GTASA: Bandito.

GTALCS: Angel.

GTAVCS: Infernus.

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GTA I - Tank (I remember playing this game at a friend's house some 5 years ago, I think it was called Tank but I don't really remember.)

GTA II - Never Played

GTA III - Cartel Cruiser

GTA VC - PCJ-600

GTA SA - Hydra

GTA LCS - Yakuza Stinger

GTA VCS - Little Willie (Hah)

I have the real name for you. Your right it's tank.

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GTA I - cossie :D

GTA II -hm the car that looked like the batmobile

GTA III - the car you start off with cant remember the name

GTA VC - infernus

GTA SA - nrg 500

GTA LCS - cant remember what cars were in it

GTA VCS - never played this

The Kuruma is the car you start off with. Also you could put Kuruma in GTA LCS if you wanted to :P.

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