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2008 Award Winners


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The topic you've all been waiting for - the winners of the 2008 forum awards here at TGTAP. Unfortunately I don't have the PSD for the award badges here, so they haven't been added to your awards pages yet. However I'll probably be able to do that tomorrow or Monday. Thanks to Gerard for compiling all the winners and hottest members, also this year I went ahead and put the results for 2nd and 3rd place people as well. So without further ado, here are the results:


Most Knowledgeable (GTA3)

1st: Earthbound

2nd: TNF

3rd: Harwood Butcher, Husky

Most Knowledgeable (GTAVC)

1st: TNF

2nd: Urbanoutlaw

3rd: WRX22B1998, SpiderVice

Most Knowledgeable (GTASA)

1st: Urbanoutlaw

2nd: SpiderVice, JAB Hacksoul

Most Knowledgeable (GTALCS)

1st: Rashon

2nd: TNF

3rd: SpiderVice

Most Knowledgeable (GTAVCS)

1st: TNF

2nd: Flesh-n-bone

3rd: Rashon, SpiderVice

Most Knowledgeable (GTAIV)

1st: Urbanoutlaw

2nd: Chris, chris82


Most Respected Member

1st: Urbanoutlaw

2nd: TM

3rd: draftermatt

Most Respected Moderator

1st: Gerard

2nd: MrLlamaLlama

3rd: Spaz

Most Helpful Member

1st: Urbanoutlaw

2nd: Earthbound

3rd: Sherman, Gerard

Most Improved Member

1st: Spider-Vice

2nd: Nate10

3rd: Mpilk901

Most Intelligent Member

1st: Gerard

2nd: YellowJacket

3rd: Urbanoutlaw

Best New Member

1st: Earthbound

2nd: guilty.by.association, TNF, Butters! (3 way tie)

Funniest Member

1st: L-RiC

2nd: rockstarrem, Unnamed Noodle, osiris

Most Original Username

1st: MrLlamaLlama

2nd: Unnamed Noodle

3rd: Dirty ol' bastard, Rainbow Bear

Biggest Geek

1st: chris82

2nd: Chris

3rd: Little_Chestnut

Most Random Member

1st: Connor

2nd: Angry Gorilla

3rd: Huckleberry Pie

Best Personality

1st: Sherman

2nd: Nate10

3rd: Chris, Dirty Harry, L-RiC, Huckleberry Pie

Graphics, Creativity, Skills etc.

Best Avatar

1st: Nate10

2nd: EvoLuTioN, Chris

Best Signature

1st: MrLlamaLlama

2nd: Nate10, TM (2 way tie)

Best Graphics Maker

1st: MrLlamaLlama

2nd: EvoLuTioN

3rd: TM

Best Animator

1st: MK47

2nd: EvoLuTioN

3rd: Connor

Best Writing/Story

1st: L-RiC

2nd: Samil

3rd: Dazza, Vercetti Thug

Best Quality Posts

1st: Gerard

2nd: Thomas

3rd: TM, Urbanoutlaw (2 way tie)

Best Written English

1st: Gerard

2nd: Everyone other nominee

Best "About Me" Page

1st: L-RiC

2nd: Angry Gorilla

3rd: EvoLuTioN

Best Debater

1st: Gerard

2nd: Spaz

3rd: Harwood Butcher


Topic of the Year

1st: Man has sex with Picnic Table

2nd: Hot Babe Thread

3rd: George Bush has shoes thrown at him

Member of the Year

1st: Urbanoutlaw

2nd: Thomas

3rd: SpiderVice, TM, Nate10

Hottest Male

1st: Sherman (49 pts)

2nd: Earthbound (27 pts)

3rd: Gerard (23 pts)

Hottest Female

1st: guilty.by.association (58 pts)

2nd: YellowJacket (56 pts)

3rd: Bear (34 pts)


Best Breasts

1st: guilty.by.association

2nd: kokane

3rd: Little_Chestnut

Person Least Like to Get Laid

1st: I©e (Kel-F)

2nd: Chris

3rd: Husky

Congratulations everyone!

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