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Why do girls always go after bad guys and the Jerks


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ive been around lately, and i always see the girls putting up with the bad guys types. Guys who beat woman, disrespect them, always put themselves first and ect. At the end of the day, the nice guys are always left out. The bad guy gets the girl at the end. Why is this always happening. You trying to tell me at the age of 30, they want me too take care of their previous boy friend kids? %&*$ that man.

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Because the jerks have arrogance, which is a pretty good substitute for what dating partners actually notice. That would be confidence, something passive-aggressive so-called "nice guys" lack because they spend all their time bitching about it. Trust me, I speak as a former "nice guy". It's fucking pathetic.

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If you were a woman, would you want to date a man that has the illusion that women disregard all "nice guys" thus only desiring "bad ones"?

Yeah. I wouldn't either.

so your saying i should take S*** no matter what.

No, I'm not saying that at all. All I did was ask you a question in which you didn't answer.

I am sorry about your complications in life, but don't always try to point the finger at someone.

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I think a woman's view here would help. The only girls who do that are the shallow ones. Not all girls go for bad boys. I am a girl and I honestly would not want the "bad boy" type. Don't get under the impression that all woman are like that, thats the same as me saying all men are ignorant bad boys. Some girls want that, some don't. However pretty much every girl wants someone with a spine, if you catch my drift.

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There is a difference between who people are "attracted" to, and who they "want". Attractions are all around us, easier to find, and, dare I say, the most prevalent of relationships. Who you truly want will be much more challenging; in the grand scheme of things, maybe not even realistically possible. If you are unselfish, how can you want someone for yourself? There is a term referred to as "falling in love". If you fall, it is an accident. You did not plan it and were not expecting it. And I would suspect that, like a fall, for most people it is an instantaneous attraction. If there is someone that you truly want, work for her. If you want to fall in love, then probably don't try so hard. It will happen. And yet, you can't trip and fall if your not even on the sidewalk. Bah! What do I know? Love stinks.

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What do I know? Love stinks.

As Bokonon tells us:

A lover's a liar,

To himself he lies.

The truthful are loveless,

Like oysters their eyes!

I had to think on that one a bit for it to register. If I interpret Bokonon correctly: people in love are liars but the loveless are honest, with themselves and others, but the loveless have clouded vision?

... and why do my posts keep displaying html markup like line breaks and crap? Or is that part of being able to edit posts made with the full editor? Just looks kind of weird like I am doing something wrong or whatever.

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It's not that loving is a lie, it's that you love all people the same - you don't love anyone more or less. It indirectly states moderation is truth. Though, the quote alone doesn't have the impact it should. Read Kurt Vonnegut Jr's book Cat's Cradle. I highly recommend it, it being if not my favorite book from my favorite author.

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Like most, if not all conversations about what women or men like or do or whatever…it’s all in general. But how does that help us if we only deal with individuals and each case is different. Some women like bad boys, some don’t, and each of those that do can have a different reason.

My opinion is that probably most of them prefer a bad boy, or a jerk, for the challenge to “un-jerk” him. Be that special lady that managed to do that. Be that special to make him not want to cheat. Or even if he does, she’s still the one he comes to in the end. But who knows.. maybe some actually prefer a beating.

Anyway, for me, if you say bad boy I imagine Marlon Brando…but if you say jerk I imagine some douchebag that’s flexing his biceps and beating his chest while making gorilla noises.

So maybe they actually dream and want that sexy, wild, mysterious bad boy that wears a leather jacket and drives a Harley Davidson, and is that rule breaker that every boy respects and every girl desires… But that’s a stereotype, a character. I know we’re talking here about guys that treat them bad but couldn’t there be bad boys that treat their women nice? You know, like guys say they want women to be ladies on the streets but freaks in the sheets…

So...maybe some girls think that good guys are boring and dull and that a jerk can give them excitement and can protect them from others. But again...this talk is in general, we all are complex human beings. When you chose to be with someone it doesn't come only to being good or bad. But think about it...if those girls want guys that treat them wrong then you don't want those girls.

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I got all excited all my nigras were posting, then I figured out it was from last year, also, sup kokane?

Anyway, I agree with you^ I think its the challenge of wanting to be the 'only one' or the adrenaline/rush/excitement of being with a guy who breaks all the rules. Just sayin, I would go with a fiesty ballbuster girl over a 'nice girl', hence why I married my long-term girlfriend. She's nuts, but I love her.

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Haha, idk. But let me share some wisdom with the younger guys here.

As a few of you may know, I had a great thing going on with a girl who I loved one hell of a lot. I'm a nice guy, but I live life a little on the edge. Yeah, I'm impulsive, love to go on spontaneous road trips, drink all night, take recreational drugs and I'm not afraid to say what I think or do something crazy on the drop of a hat. But I'd never have dragged her into anything she didn't want to do. I'd skip my go on the blunt pass if she'd asked me to go easy, drive extra safe if she was worried, call her in the morning, etc etc.

Around the start of the year, well, I won't mess you around here, I turned into a bit of a jerk. I didn't care so much about when I saw her, relished the times we'd argue so I could have a break and rip it with my friends, and hey... makeup sex, right? It got to a stage where she was getting pissed at me about it. And I was pissed at her for being pissed about it. Why couldn't I do my thing? There was a period of time where we decided to cool off; I'd agreed to call her when I'd decided, essentially whether we'd carry on our relationship, the way it had been before I turned into a dick or go our separate ways .I spent the week having an epic chillout, completely and utterly nonchalant cos let's face it, she was always going to take me back - she needed me, we had a deep emotional bond ad a great thing going. We'd even worked at the same restaurant for around a year without any tension or feeling overcrowded, or anything... About a week later she told me she was done waiting and to come see her the next day. I did, still partially high following a 2 hour sleep and a cold shower.

I started to shake. I felt more nervous than I'd ever been my entire life. I was sitting there, 20 years old and melting into an emotional fucking wreck like a 6 year old girl. She explained how she felt we'd come to a natural end and it would be good for both of us if we just called it a day, having grown apart over the past couple of months. I forced out some reluctant tones of agreement, stood up, hugged her, kissed her on the cheek and left.

Around another week later, she texted me asking for her stuff back. She said she'd send her sister round so I told her I'd be out. She told me to leave it by the door so I said it was forecast rain. Then she told me she was on her way back from work and she'd pick it up. I had to see here just once more... I had to tell her what i felt, what was going on in my head and beg her to take me back. By the time I was out the shower, she'd left another message saying she got tired waiting and went home. So I went round there. I gave her back a shoebox with all the things of hers I had. Again, she talked about stuff being for the better (wise to my intentions no doubt) and got the same affirmative mumbles in return. I got in my car and left. Then I cut up a guy infront of me on the road. Then I slammed on my fucking brakes and turned that sucker around. I went the fuck back there and laid my entire soul on the fucking line and begged her to take me back. I said I'd only agreed before because I thought it was what she wanted, I told her I wanted to right my wrongs and make her as happy as I possibly could. No dice. She gave me all the stuff which she didn't want out the aforementioned shoebox and said a third and final goodbye, along with the promise that she still cared about me and we wouldn't be one of those resentful ex - couples.

A few weeks passed with me going through highs and lows about my new found loneliness / freedom / eternal solitude / lone wolf status. I was coming to terms with it well when that white and blue technological motherfucker facebook reared it's ugly head, and kindly informed me she was dating a cocaine - using, lsd - taking, woman using....dickhead. We'd both worked with him at the restaurant where she's promised me to 'not talk like they do about girls they've been with because it's fucking disgusting' and where he'd talk to the other guys about how great her tits were and once locked her in the walk in fridge which resulted in her crying.

So now I'm pretty much one angry sonofabitch, and have this to conclusively respond to the thread title with this:

Don't ever, ever change who you are in the name of finding a girl. I found mine by being Mr. Nice guy and we enjoyed 4 years (I was 16 when we started dating) together. I had some of the best times of my life with her. Don't ever do something that isn't you, that you aren't comfortable doing to impress someone, or live up to the stereotype that has been stamped on your head. Don't let your buddies push you into acting like a douche in the name of some girl. if you want her, cut the crap and go ask her out. If she doesn't want you, she's not worth your time or fucking effort. She wants the jerk, guess what, chances are down the line you'll end up thinking she's a fuckin' jerk.

It's not about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, that's how winning is done.

Aaaand a few more things to round off the text - wall.

Nice to see you back Kokane :)

I married my long-term girlfriend. She's nuts, but I love her.

This is fucking adorable, congrats dude :)

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ive been around lately, and i always see the girls putting up with the bad guys types. Guys who beat woman, disrespect them, always put themselves first and ect. At the end of the day, the nice guys are always left out. The bad guy gets the girl at the end. Why is this always happening. You trying to tell me at the age of 30, they want me too take care of their previous boy friend kids? %&*$ that man.

You should see what it's like in countrie's like pakistan.. No need to sound racist but I hate the way their culture degrade's women and are like a 2nd class citizen. Hell, even in england its the same..You hear about women getting raped, but to the muslim man its the woman's fault for not covering every part of her body and thus temptating the muslim man, so it's the woman's fault.. No, its the man's fault for not having any self control. Of course not every muslim man is like this, but its dicks like that, which make's me sound like a racist dick.

Its somewhat ironic though, that you get so many religious type's who move to my country, yet this is a country full of chav's and non religious scally wag type's. It will be boiling hot outside in the summer, and you'll see women dressed from head to toe, all u can see is their eye's.. Underneath all that they are probably sweating like mad Lol Even more ironicly, they all dress from head to toe.. But a typical British girl is easy as hell to pull, and dress skimpy as hell lmao oh teh irony.. But hey,sure are dedicated to their religion! Shame catholism is dead here. There's a church near where I live, a normal catholic church but its acctually used as a mosque

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