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Speaking of religion, I was just hangin' out with Jesus the other day.

We were pretty much just chillin' and whatnot, but then he had this strange urge to go hunt for shrooms and things just got pretty crazy from there.

Like "Mexican Starring Frog" crazy or "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" crazy?

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When theres no good hill to go GTing down. what do you do? YOU GO RED NECK STYLE YA HOO!!

First, find a nice area, not much traffic, had a very close encounter with another truck,


Then you gotta Hook up the GT(s)


Then...then you FLOOR the truck ASAP :gappy: and then you got some good speed...GTingDec242007007.jpg

Just..you gotta watch out for corners at high speed...


and then for the finally, you gotta take a pic of you looking like a Ninja :P



did this Monday...fun as fuck...

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lol i tried pulling the rope then letting go of it for a sling shot kind of reaction then i let go of the rope and i wasnt holding onto the GT and i just ate it down this 20 foot drop hard...and the GT followed me then got stuck on a tree and broke the Skis off AGAIN...

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Just totally figured something out, 5 of my userbars are the same cuz they all say user!

Totally didn't know that before!

Thanks for changing it too.. -_-

Meh, saw me girly today (: , yay so my day good. I learned White Unicorn by Wolfmother on the guitar today. So yeah, quite proud of myself, and got another week of break still.

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Well, yesterday I was back at school. To be honest, I thought returning back to school would be boring, since there’s not much to do. But, it was sort of a “Good” day actually. First lesson was English, that wasn’t so boring like it always was since I finished pretty much all of my coursework, and everyone else was still doing Romeo and Juliet. Heh, that meant I was basically the only student in my class that finished it. Although I had nothing to do on that day, my tutor told me about getting prepared for the exam (And of course that made worse) and I felt angry that I have to do something like that when I thought I could chill out. But If I think about it, I only got around 4 months before my real GCSE Exam starts, so it’s best to be prepared for the worst.

I then had Science; I have two lessons on Friday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It’s usually boring since we do a lot of crap theory work, but yesterday, it was effin’ fun. We were doing a lot of experiments, and a huge bang happened in our class (It never blew up the class, lol) but it was quiet a fun experiment since I scared the fuck out of my teacher. It was kind of okay in the morning, then it got boring on the last lesson of science which I had in the afternoon. I later had R.E. That is one of the crappiest subjects of all time, but I got a reward for doing my Coursework. All I did was a few questions, and then I get a Chocolate out of it – That’s like for kids, but I was hungry in the end. Eventually towards the end of the 3rd period, I went home and ate, and went back to school back to Science and that I thought it was going to be another fun lesson, but it never came to that, lol. Then finally, my last lesson was more fun because my Mathematics teacher wasn’t in school! That was great since we could finally chill out. And of course I did, but I still had to my work, which was crap.

I guess towards the end of school I was happy, not sad and miserable like I usually am, but yesterday was a good day.

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Exams in 18 days? Man, that's almost fucked if you ask me. My exam starts in May, but I'll be prepared for it. Until the exam is over, I can finally chill out with some friends and we can head to town once the full examination's are over. I'm hoping to go to town, if not, they can come to my house and we can hang out their. I think after that, on 22nd July I'm heading to the Prom, it's going to be fun, since I'm gonna be with my friends, and if there's a chance, with a girl (Which might not happen unless something good happens, which I don't even know what it is :/). So it's sort of a time where I have to show off that I can dance. Although I can't, I'll try to dance like Michael Jackson (Which I'm not even good at lol). But all will gradually get calmer and smooth for me until the holidays start.

So yeah, it's going to be a rough examination, but the end results will be worth checking out.

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Over the Xmas break, I had a terrible cold. A few hundred thousand other people had the bug as well, so it was catching. I have about 6 Uni assignments to do before the end of Jan, and I've pretty much done 2, with 1 more underway, so I'll be very busy this month. I wouldn't be surprised if I don't log in until Feb in the next few days, because I go back to Uni after a few weeks off on Monday.

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