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GTA IV Trailer Released!


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Yeah, new online record for TGTAP. I couldn't see it at it's release, stupid server just wouldn't come online and then I just had to go to bed.

The graphics are awesome. Notice that when the car bumps a small metal cap you really heared a metal sound.

It just didn't look like GTA. Like how the old engine rendered stuff. I'll get used to it.

Also R* has kept the good old cluck'n bell in the game and also Sprunk. They also had a hotel name "getalife". A little add for a movie titled: "Slept with my Mom". And one more little add: Top Hooker.

The boat states, Liberty City. So although this is a new serie, they still have that name in it.

Now let's hope R* manages to get the old GTA feel with the the new gen of graphic. It was far better then I expected.

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Lol guys, I got something that may prove the russian isn`t the protagonist.Just check out when you see a guy driving a blue car just look at his hair, it`s blonde(just watch the first 10 seconds of the trailer)!!! And the russian has black hair.I`m not sure but I just hope that is the main-character.Probably I`m wrong but I just hate that russian.

Nah, it's the Russian guy for sure. The guy with blonde hair in the car was probably just some rich ped, I bet R* just wanted to show off the car. I know the protagonist is... old but imagine a young Russian guy, that would just sound a bit weird. I like that it is a Russian protagonist, almost definite re-appearance of the Russian Mafia! Told ya guys they would go into more detail about it. :P Bring out the AKs lmao!

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I saw it about 12 times now. I like very much the graphics, everything I like at this trailer. The think i like is the character, the russian guy, very nice. Me too, Jace, I could not stay till the trailer, because of the server, so I saw it in this morning. I think i had sleept for 4 hours and now I have to go to school.

I cant wait for the second trailer to appear, or new screen shots.... :thumbsup:

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Yeah I think they'll call it Liberty City, but you never know. Anyway man, that trailer was amazing, absolutely amazing, I'm speakless. The main character seems great, the graphics is awesome, the shadows is totally great, fckn realistic. The trailer is great, BTW I also like cold and gloomy places like NYC :) Seems like R* has done it again, oh yeah.

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I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this already, but did anyone notice that the main character in the GTA IV trailer looks a lot like the antagonist in Behind Enemy Lines?


Looks really similar to me. Looks like they switched the color of the pants and the jacket though, if you watch the video (the picture of the GTA guy is really unclear) you'll see that he's wearing track pants that are the same color as the antagonist from Behind Enemy Lines' jacket.

Yeah actually you could be right. I've seen the film a couple of times and he does look quite similar. I think I might research some other films that had Russians in them.

Thongs will be differed".

Best. Typo. Ever.

Of course, all thongs are differed, they differ in size, colour etc.

However, I don't think we'll be seeing our protagonist wearing a thong. See, this is why you should look at what you're typing ;)

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Honestly guys, I`m really dissapointed.The graphics are amazing, the character look like a motherf***er, I mean I don`t wanna play that guy, he looks like shit.Why isn`t a 18year-old teen-ager not this 40 dude.I`m dissapointed by the city too.I mean I`m tired of NY, if it doesn`t have other cities I think this game`s sales will drop...

I'd personally not prefer playing as an 18-year-old after seeing how good he trailer was. We don't even know if he's 40 years old. Plus, the game might be New York based again but that doesn't mean the sales will drop. Come on, this is GTA IV. It's supposed to be another revolutionary GTA.

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Well as I looked the trailer a few times and started pausing/playing it I noticed a few things:

- Obvious it's located in Liberty City with some New York City tints.

- First screen with the metro/train in the top left u see flyUS or maybe flyU6 I don't know

- Then at the Ferry thing at the water; you see a boat at the right. (In GTA 3 there was a ferry too in Portland..)

Btw. I love the water flow.

- Then the music goes faster and the screens too and u see Liberteen standing. (LC, High Buildings = NY)

- The statue and you know the name.. ;)

- Then u got the fast going lines, now I paused really fast and all that stuff and I found one interesting thing, at top bar it's saying African Markets ... and the guy says at the end of the trailer; I've killed people, Smuggled people, Sold people.

- Funny thing middle bar is saying Cheese Crisis.. (Maybe some can help figuring out more in those fast going text lines?)

- Then 2 screens later orso you see a beer thing at the left (just to regcognize it) and there is standing 360 and I slept with Mom on signs.

- At the big road thingie with all the stuff you can see Liberty City coming back many times and Liberty Tree.

- At the screen with ME TV and the weapon and burger thing a police car drives by with LCPD standing on it.

- A boat with Liberty City on it.

That's all I got to say. Mutch of this is already mentioned but I just like to list it for you all.

I like the trailer so much and the Russian Guy gives the GTA Series a good new look. "Things Will Be Different" Eh ;)

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Really makes me thing about getting a new console, is something I have been thinking about, specially Xbox, I am not much of a gamer anymore but companies keep releasing new games that really make me want to play again.

Really good trailer, I liked almost every aspect of it.

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Yep it's definitely set in LC, you can see advertisements for the Liberty Tree and theres the boat with Liberty City stamped on the back. Theres also this Screen i took of a Police Car with LC written on it.


Im liking the shadows and the cars, especialy the people carrier Taxi. ^_^

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