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Favorite all time GTA car

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My top 5 of all time would have to be (in order from favorite to least)

1) Bullet - Ford GT40 | Handles like a charm going 126mph

2) NRG500 - Honda NSR999 | Fastest bike, hit 114mph and handled amazingly.

3) Quadbike - Quad | Awesome for mountains.

4) Banshee - Dodge Viper | Can you say SPEED? I hit 137mph with it once, but it didnt handle well at all.

5) Vortex - Hovercraft | Land and Sea capable.

*Speed calculations were done using Spooky's Speedometer for all of the GTA Versions.

And by the way, does anyone know of any other speedometer mods for GTA: SA? I kinda dont like how spooky's gets in the way of everything. :thumbsdown:

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