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What did you dislike about GTA 3?

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Like Mr.Manetti, i love GTA 3 but i disliked: the dark feeking of the city, the weather, the gta 3 guy's name was unknow 'till san andreas so he's called Claude, Claude couldn't speak, it was impossible to swim and u drowned quickly, and the radio stations are too short, i feel like the same song is playing over and over...

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It just sucked. Character was crap, crap cars, no bikes. At the time might have been OK. I only got it in the GTAIII and GTAVC combo for PS2 and it twas pathetic.

So I'm guessing you played SA or LCS/VCS first?

You have to keep GTA3 in perspective, when it came out it was way ahead of any other game in free roaming game play.

The biggest thing I didn't like was being limited to a small part of the map in the beginning. I had the PC version for about

10 minutes before I fixed that. :ph34r:

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At the time GTA III was a massive, massive hit and I loved it, but when VC and SA came along, it was overshadowed. To this day though, it's still regarded as the best. Which in itself is pretty amazing, since alot of similar games can barely hold a candle to GTA III, which is 6 years old.

Things I don't like about GTA III

-Atmosphere. Very dark, and depressing. Some people prefer it like this, but the atmosphere in VC and SA were more pleasant.

-No assets.

-Claude didn't really gain any power, even by killing a mob boss. I like being in control of the criminal world, but Claude only managed to piss everyone off.

-Every gang hates Claude. I used to hate walking around, when gangs wanted to rip out his spine, and jam it up his a**.

-Characters were way too serious.

I don't really hate things like no motorbikes, not being able to swin etc.

It's still a good game, but I haven't got many fond memories of GTA III. Huge VC fan here.

All in all at the time when it came out, I would've said 10/10, but now it's like a 6.5/10.

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I never liked and I still don't like the changing weather in Liberty City. Actually, I posted a comment wondering if anyone knew of a mod that could change the weather as well as the draw distance (just like in Vice City and SA) Everything else is cool regarding the huge change from GTA2 to GTA 3.

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I've dusted off my copy of GTA3 & started playing it w/ my kid. The ONE thing most likely to result in a busted controller

&/or monitor is that he can't get out of a moving car. The car gets flipped & he can't get out because it's moving, even the

slightest & BOOM! I've been killed more times than I can count because of that. Compared to the VC & up, the physics

engine is junk. It's come a loooooong way.

I think I can fix the gangs hating Claude w/ a simple DATA edit. might play around w/ it this afternoon.

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What I hated was that Claude never talked. He had little personality that differed from the Pedestrians, he always wore the same boring clothes, and pretty much everything about him. You could say he was very anti-social.

I hated how the camera worked in both Vice City and III. In order to look around you had to completely stop and move the RT, which annoyed me pretty badly. The camera when in a vehicle really sucked and felt very stiff, thank god Rockstar fixed those problems in San Andreas or else I wouldn't have enjoyed San Andreas as much as I do right now.

The weapons didn't match up to how the appearances were. They looked awesome and powerful but when I fired them I was underwhelmed by how bad they were. And yes there was a lack of variety as there was in Vice City and unfortunately in San Andreas too. It was pretty much the same MP5, Uzi, Rocket launchers, Pistols, Shotguns and grenades but they improved in each game.

The missions were great, although some of them were boring and sometimes was a pain in my ass.

The vehicles had very shitty graphics, and so did Vice city. They appeared pretty much everywhere with the occasional Stallion with the red flame vinyls or some of the Mafia cars.

But despite that all, GTAIII still owned every other sand-box genre game around...

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