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Which one: GTAIII or GTALCS?



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  1. 1. GTA3 or GTA:LCS

    • GTAIII
    • GTALCS
    • Neither
    • In the Middle

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Grand Theft Auto 3 is a new thing for Rockstar Games, all the GTA games like GTA2, GTA, etc are all 2D Top-Down game. GTA3 was a hit since it's fairly NEW to the gaming world

GTAVC is just another expansion with some features, new stroyline, etc

GTASA is also an expansion with better graphics, new stroy, features etc

For me, the next GTA should be different, it shall not use the same engineas the previous GTA games. It will be THE NEXT GEN GTA, instead of just expansion iwth new features, new storyline, and new city, plus new NAME.

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The only thing LCS has over GTA 3 is the motorcycles...thats it....3 is way better

It's ok since you're new to the forums but for next time: don't post old threads. It is over half a year old man. Check when was the last time someone posted next time (I always have to say this to newcomers). But welcome to the forums! :D

I wouldn't know. I haven't played LCS becuase it came out on psp.

Same thing here I have an Xbox

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