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Favorite Radio Station


Favorite Radio Station  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite radio station?

    • Flash FM
    • Espantoso
    • Emotion 98.3
    • VCPR
    • K-Chat
    • V-Rock
    • Wave 103
    • Wildstyle
    • Fever 105

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WAVE 103! Gary Neuman, Frankie goes to Hollywood & Thomas Dolby. I used to listen to them when they were new.

is there any way by which we can add some songs to the radio station we like!

You can, but you need to extract the audio files & convert them to MP3 or other format you can edit.

I know people who claim to have done this & burned them to a CD. Emphasis on "claim".

Each radio station is a single long audio file, the same for GTA 3. I presume also LCS & VCS, but to date there are no (legal)

PC versions so those are moot.

SA uses a "playlist" & has individual tracks that are called (that's how they insert the commercials into the User Track Player).

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Well I dont remember what I voted for , i think I voted ages ago but didnt post

Umm I liked pretty much everything - except emotion 98.3 --- Wildstyle, Flash FM, VRock, Fever105 - the music from then is pretty cool - maybe explains why I also like music from Scarface...but I listen to MP3 station a fair bit too

VCPR is easily the funniest radio station I have ever heard (i found a thing to convert it to mp3 if you have on pc, so I listened on my iPod - hilarious)

The advertisements are especially really funny.."shoot the blue dot with your red square" or something like that..."degenatron" lmao

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