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Forum Award Winners 2007


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It's the topic you've all been waiting for: The TGTAP Forum Award Winners of 2007!

Congratulations to all the winners, and commiserations to all the other participants. The hottest member award is the only award which we have runner up badges for due to the large number of entrants. Here's a little gallery of the awards.





Congrats to all of you!

You'll notice that the winners all have medals under their avatars in each post, these link to the member's award page which gives a more detailed description, though hovering over the medal will show you the title of the award if you're just glancing. Alternatively you can check out this Awards Table page for a list of members and the number of awards they have won. Clicking on the number will take you to their award page.

P.S. Thanks goes to Dennis for creating the award badge template, and the small medal graphic - (Same as what we used last year)

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Congratulations guys, good job gaining the votes (I fail :P ) You deserve those awards.

where is my WWE sig? i want it later :P

anyhow MrLlamaLlama had defeat u :P

Your not getting a sig, at least not off of me. I only wanted to be nominated for one award.

@ GYCU: Userbar whore sounds like a good award.

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