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GTA 5 Wishlist


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some abilitys you might want to do

-ability to carry all weapons such as you did in GTA3

-be able to skateboard and inline skate and go roller skating in skate rinks

-ability to surf

-to fully customize your vehical interior and exterior

-change your characters appearance

-to recruit anybody to do a mission or to just have fun

-ability to date anybody instead of having set girlfriends

-i would say take a part time job on the side of doing missions but i think thats too much what do you think??

-ability to fish and go hunting

-ability to smoke or drink (optional)

-able to buy any house or property and then turn it into a business

thats all i can think of...what do you think??

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Someone has already mentioned a lot of things I want, so I won't list them.

- I think most importantly, it should be in a present day setting BECAUSE people who loved features in GTA 4 wold hate not having a digital screen cell phone. The phone kind of held everything together. Without it there would seem to be somewhat of an "empty space."

- I'm not sure if anyone else said it but I would like to see some kind of music player, or have a cell phone that doubles as an mp3 player that you could use while on foot.

- A cover system that works more like the cover system in OO7: Quantum of Solace.

Also, this is very important. I think there is a certain realism boundary which if you cross then the game becomes boring or frustrating. We can't have GTA games become too realistic, mainly because a lot of people use games to get away from real life, and if the game reminds them of the usual stresses in life, then it isn't fun.

Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of realism Rockstar could add and STILL make it fun, but as long as they don't cross that boundary.

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My wish is that Rockstar remake San Andreas and for it to be Grand Theft Auto 5. Seriously, we gotta admit that it's the city which has the most potential because of its large variety of areas, such as desert, city, countryside, and more. In addition, San Andreas is massive and thus could have so much more in it. It has a lot of great potential.

Now, I know that Rockstar have expressed that they have no plans to remake or build upon San Andreas, however, this shouldn't 'put off' those like me who want it remade. After all, before Grand Theft Auto IV arrived, I'm very sure some people were saying stuff like "Na. They won't do Liberty City again! It'll be a different city." Right, now look at where we are! That's my point. If enough people request and want Rockstar to remake San Andreas, even though Rockstar said they wouldn't remake it, you never know. It could happen. People do change their minds sometimes, hehe. Companies have done so many a time in the past.

If they do remake San Andreas, the following is a complete list of what I'd like to see put in it, my suggestions, and such.

WARNING: The following list is excruciatingly long.

> Smarter police. Basically put the IV physics and A.I. in to San Andreas. Also, perhaps even tweak the A.I., as I've seen the police do very stupid things in IV.

> No 20+ police officers on foot when you have 3 or more wanted stars. It's just unrealistic and crazy.

> Ability to dynamically enter and exit buildings, much like in IV. Except unlike IV, don't make the roads and all that disappear from the radar when inside a building.

> Everyone single wields (Yeah you heard me! :yup: ) weapons in the game, much like in IV. Besides it's very unrealistic to shoot two sawn off shotguns at the same time. Unless you are an absolute rock hard body builder, you just wouldn't be able to shoot two sawn off shotguns with one hand each, you'd lose accuracy and the power of them would simply be too much. One sawn off shotgun is powerful enough as it is. Everyone also holds guns with two hands, except when in cover blind firing, yet again just like in IV.

> Bullet holes in ground, vehicles and objects, again like in IV. Also have bullet holes for when people are shot. Rockstar put blood splats and stains on people in IV, but there is no real sense of bullet holes, or appearance of them, in people after being shot.

> Cover system from IV implemented in to San Andreas, and other people in San Andreas use the cover system too.

> Need For Speed Most Wanted style police pursuits, where the police drive much better, and while they can still make the odd mistake, they drive much more professionally and pursue you and other criminals in a realistic manner.

> People (Police most notably, but includes others too.) don't run back to a burning car that's about to explode. Basically, A.I. improvements need to be made here!

> People don't stupidly drive their vehicles through fire. I see this loads in San Andreas.

> People have better details. Such as they all have eyeballs that move, like in IV.

> Clothing is less blurred and more detailed. Some clothes are much more blurry than others.

> Law enforcement and federal people and cars appear on the radar when the player has a wanted level, pretty much exactly like in IV.

> Unable to 'pop' heads, and people don't lose their heads sometimes when hit by explosions.

> Realistic chainsaw with actual moving saw and realistic chainsaw gore and violence. Ability to cut up trees, plants, fences (Can already be broken, but make it more realistic.) and people. Like be able to cut people from skin to flesh to bone with chainsaw, and to a certain degree, also using a knife or katana sword. :w00t: Gory stuff, and would be very cool!

> People get hurt and take damage more realistically and have more varied pain animations, as in IV.

> Police helicopters, news helicopters and other helicopters are actually driven by people and not controlled by nothing.

> Police helicopters don't shoot those silly bullets. Two police officers or S.W.A.T. officers are on the back of the police helicopters, like in IV, and shoot from there. Officers aren't descended from the police helicopters.

> Ability to shoot dead the driver of helicopters like in IV.

> No more army at six stars. Also have a wanted level system just like IV. Police, F.B.I. and S.W.A.T. all come for you at wanted level 5 and onwards at the same time.

> Law enforcement use weapons and body armour the same to the ones in IV. Such as S.W.A.T. and F.B.I. in San Andreas will have M4s and SMGs, and use pistols or their next best weapon if they run out of ammunition or lose their other gun.

> Helicopters don't merge together in the sky and when they are on land, or in the water, or anywhere else. If you don't know what I mean, play San Andreas with a 3 star or greater wanted level, and you should eventually see what I'm on about.

> Police drive the helicopters more professionally. Get rid of the bug where they occasionally land on the ground for no apparent reason.

> Police helicopters don't go away when you are in a building or underneath certain bridges, platforms and other places.

> Less law enforcement roadblocks! Only have them on dividing bridges, like in IV.

> Escalators actually work as escalators, and other people use them.

> Lifts in buildings can be entered, buttons inside them pressed, travelled in, and exited like in real life. Not like in IV. The elevator system

in IV is quick and shoddy I.M.O.!

> Benches can be sat on, vehicles can be leaned on by the player (Like gang members sometimes do to vehicles left unattended.), and other interactive options.

> Food, snacks and drinks are eaten much more realistically.

> You can hail a taxi, like in IV. You can also ring for one using your cell phone, if you know the numbers! Taxis have their phone number printed on the outside of the taxis. There are two separate taxi companies, one uses 'modern' taxis and the other uses 'classic' taxis. They have different phone numbers. Calling for a taxi will have the closest unoccupied taxi sent to where you are. Times of taxi arrival vary realistically. Taxi destination selection like that of IV.

> Save game by going to bed, like in IV.

> The emergency light 'slots' on the emergency vehicles that are unused are actually used and flash, rather than just sitting there looking pretty!

> Vehicles which have unused white lights on the back of them are to have reverse lights on them. Vehicles that do not have 'slots' for reverse lights on already do not have any reverse lights added to them.

> Ambulances, fire trucks and other large vehicles have varied reverse beeps.

> Unused red back lights and headlights on vehicles are used.

> Indicators on vehicles are actually used, like in IV. Vehicles which do not have any 'slots' for indicators do not have indicators added. The player can also use indicators on vehicles with indicators.

> When tyres are popped on vehicles, they actually deteriorate like in IV.

> Your player and other people can, in appropriate circumstances, go flying through the windscreen of vehicles, like in IV!

> Official Rockstar Online version of San Andreas, like IV.

> Once clothes are bought, you can go back to the place you bought them and sell them. Good if you lose taste in the current contents of your wardrobe!

> The player can pick up and throw small objects, like in IV.

> Vehicles get damaged and get blood splattered on them like in IV. Add epic crushing physics for when tanks are driven into and onto other vehicles!

> Vehicles can have the headlights dipped and full beam, like in IV. Lights can also be turned off completley, and back on again.

> IV style HUD.

> More vehicles are locked. The player can break in to and hotwire locked vehicles, like in IV.

> In strip clubs, the women are actually naked. (This is in no way for my personal pleasure, but for realism purposes. I swear! :whistle: )

> Guards don't respawn from nowhere constantly in strip clubs.

> You can take Sweet, Cesar and other friends to go eat, get totally drunk (Including IV drunk physics!), play pool (Cool as San Andreas already has a pool playing system and physics.), go and do lowrider activities (Such as racing and hopping.) with Cesar, plus other things to do.

> Some train tracks are more realistically barricaded and moving barriers cover the whole length of the road, rather than just half of the road and having train tracks unguarded.

> Characters talk and move their mouths more realistically in mini-cutscenes.

> IV physics I've not specifically mentioned also ported over and copied over to San Andreas.

> Advanced video editing tool, like the editor in IV.

> More detailed weapons. Weapons ported over from IV.

> Buses can be entered as passenger, and can alight at bus stops.

> Ability to get rid of weapons and items you no longer want.

> Game and game engine is not strictly read only, and is modification friendly.

> People actually leave their vehicle if it is on fire. Half of the time, they stay in it, or run towards it. Police most notably.

> Law enforcement chases you or the officers exit their vehicle if in one and pursue you on foot even if you are far away from roads. Usually, they spin their vehicles around in circles over and over!

Phew. That took over an hour to type and think! :awesome: I can't think of anything else.

I am very confident that one way or another, IV physics will be eventually ported over to San Andreas. I mean, we already have an IV HUD mod', Niko mod', IV weapons to San Andreas mod', IV sounds to San Andreas mod', and the awesome ENB Series graphics mod'. Chances are, someone, a group of people, or maybe even Rockstar, will get on to the physics side. Who knows, someone could already be working on it secretly, and surprise us one day!

It will be done. I believe it's a case of when, not if.

Very good suggestions by other people here, too! I agree with a lot of them! :coolthumbup:

That's me done for this post! :D

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Stuff that would be nice in gta 5

-Being able to open back doors, trunks hoods

-In your safehouse you can cook, use items such as forks, knives, watch tv etc

-Being able to fly all over the world (if they can get a SUPER blue ray disk!!) :thumbsup:

-GTA 2 respect system (you gain/lose respect from gangs)

-this may sound far fetched, but it would be nice if every ped could have his own life, family.

-Destoyible building and terrain

-If a car gets destroyed emergency vehicles such as tow trucks and cop cars appear on sight to remove the vehicle and investigate how it happened

-Physiscs that will blow your mind

-Apart from reality, they should keep the old kun concept of the old gta games, not to realistic, and not no physics at all and no great features, in other words, they should balance reality and fun :thumbsup:

-Being able to fly into space

-This is kinda of a bad thing to do, but it would be nice to see kids and animals on the streets. Let me expain. Rockstar was gonna put kids in gta 3 beta, but removed it from the full version- reason: you can't just go and murder kids. kids never seem to die. not in video games, not in movies (ok maybe sometime) but it's just to.....erm.....innocent :innocent::innocent:

this is all i think so far

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definitely more cars

extreme car customization

such as NFS style customizing Ex.. drop kit without hydraulics,

engine swaps, gloss chrome matte pearl paintjobs, stereo equip, subs, etc....

a female player would be sick as hell

if the game sucked worse than the first GTA id still get it just cause the female player

maybe the choice between male or female? such as in Fable2

more/better guns

airplanes/helicopters/tanks come back

better AI

and Liberty City got old 5 hours into GTA III.. plz no more

park ur car outside and it dont disappear.. n not those stupid red lines like in GTA IV

seasons would be great.. better weather AI..

all i can think of for now ill probably update real soon

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Car customization, Cars don't disappear, smooth 60 FPS, More character customization, and more weapons.

Oh and offline split screen multiplayer would be nice. It seems if you want to play multiplayer at all these days, it HAS to be online.

...Something I think would be cool is that you have a certain walking style/certain mannerisms when you wear certain types of clothing. Like, if they added a cool pimp outfit, you do this awesomely exaggerated strut and peds react to it. If you were wearing some hugely expensive fancy suit, you walk with this air of arrogance and that you're better than everyone else, which once again, the peds will react to.

Thats what i liked about San Andreas. CJ said different things when he was wearing different clothes. For example, if he was wearing a tux, he would say something like "im a well dressed maniac"

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-present time setting

-better AI for the police

-they should do what they did in san andreas where they had city cops and sheriffs, but they should also throw in highway patrol and border patrol

-cops on motorcycles brought back

-bicycles back

-car and character mods

-be able to drink in freemode

-offline multiplayer

-ability to enter the majority of the buildings

-ability to resist arrest when being taken out of a car

-lose the red circle wanted system (It was stupid)

-better crashes


-gasometer (ability to run out of gas after a while of driving)

-known popular music (GTA4's music i had never heard any of the songs)

-setting: San Diego, its a big city in american and its never been used for GTA

-more weapons and cars like in SA

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* Mission replay system. Can replay any (storyline)mission that were done. Sometimes I miss a mission and there were no savefiles before it, all I can do to replay that mission is to start over the whole game.

* Able to sell cars/car parts throughout the game. Steal a car and sell the parts in black market is a cool way to make money!

* Stealh kill ability like the one in manhunt

* More in-safehouse activities like decorating, write and paste notes on fridge, listen to Music

* I personally love to see Maccer and Umberto Robina again.

* Heads that don't just disappear when popped!

* Wanted level system of GTA4, with collectible bribes also existent.

* Interactions with peds. Can activate a menu with the things you want to do with a ped. Such as: ask directions, compliment on their clothes, random chat, say shit to piss them off...

* Destroyable buildings/environments. You can crash a house by bumping into it. After that it can be seen rebuilt by construction workers.

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more customazation, more stores can enter every building. robbing stores, banks, even house. seasons and maybe sometimes natural disasters like earth quakes or something. better ai. add some of the old feature like parachuting an plane flying. maybe more than one map and you can travel to other places possibly vice city or san andreas. realistic living environment maybe little things happen car crashes an those cause more traffic something like that. add the ability to drag bodies put them in cars dumpsters ect. kind of like in hitman take item from people like in fallout or oblivion. if possible make pc requirements lower and continue to make video editor better. if your going to do destructible building make sure they don't stay destroyed the load upright again - Semmel17

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*Animals(lol i will kill you bigfoot!!!!!)


*realist PD(dance of heaven)

*more realistic

*real cars

*more blood

*car customization

*create-a-character(like in saints row 2)

*HOT COFFEE!!!!!!!!!

*citizens is hard to kill

*be-friend pedestrians



story:you;ve been in jail beacuse of your evil brother after 8 years you extract revenge

all i can think of

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Actually, a game with LESS graphics would be better, not everone can run GTA IV you know...

For once, i'd like to see a female character

So here's a list;

-Femal character

-Only able to carry like 3 weapons like in Hitman (ie. you could hide a sniper in a guitar case for example...)

-Better sprinting (Nico just ran like an idiot really)

-Customizeable weapons

-Weapons could be concealed in a boot for example to avoide detection.

-Realistic car damage, like in IV (without the lame flying out of the car [its pretty hard to do this really, since 70% of your body is below the wheel and an airbag woulden't let you flying out of your front window])

-Weapon skill rank up like in SA

-Resisting a cop arrest, but like 50-50 of getting shot and getting killed instantly

-Liberty City

-Doing a mission with Claude from GTA III

-Killing should be harder, it was too easy in III.

-Ragdoll physics (IV)

-Charater can talk to peds

-Flying was dumb in GTA, the character "knew" how to pilot very well and was just dumb how he knew to do everything, piloting should be as hard/harder then it was in GTA III

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The ability to buy safehouses and possibly businesses. But not too many safehouses, like in San Andreas. I liked the way it was in Vice City, where each savehouse was unique and had it's own name. And of course all savehouses should be enterable with there own unique interior.

I also really want a shootout in a mansion style mission, like Keep Your Friends Close, only with all new gameplay.

A sense of urgency in the storyline. The main character should have a goal from the start that he HAS to complete ASAP. Not like Niko or CJ who took there sweet time and did alot of pointless work along the way. More like Tommy who was ambushed, and HAD to find out who took his merchandise.

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Another thing, which many others have suggested: first person view.

Something else, which Rockstar Games did bad on for G.T.A. IV - allow us to rotate the camera angle when buying food from food vendors, entering taxis as a passenger, and more.

Oh, and when you sniper a cop or someone else in the balls, they take the body damage realistically. I shot a fat cop in G.T.A. IV before with a sniper rifle (Y'know, that would realistically pierce testicles!) and he simply stepped back, grabbed his balls for about three seconds, then continued firing like nothing just happened!

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Monster Trucks--like in SA

Quad Bikes (4-Wheelers)--like in SA

Mower--like in SA

Kart--like in SA

Bicycles--like in SA

Tractor--like in SA

Simi-Trucks (able to attach and detach trailers with a push of a button)

Customize any vehicles

Buy houses--like in SA (but alot more with unlimited parking spaces and able to use parking lots to store Vehicles)

Buy vehicles

Customize/decorate houses

Able to rob houses again--like in SA

Jetpacks--like in SA

Parachuts--like in SA

Able to pilot planes again--like in SA

Buy airplane tickets--like in SA

Ride as passenger in any car (friend's car, g/f's car, limo, hitch hikde a ride)

Taxi missions--like in SA

Alot more clothing stores than GTA IV

Alot more buildings to enter/explore than GTA IV

More side missions

Trolly--like in SA (but able to ride them)

If arrested, be put into a police car (like real life)

Racecars--like in SA

Able to customize your characters (weight, muscle, hair, skin color, height, eye color, hair color customizing)

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I thought GTA IV was great and all, but it lacked the all out fun that Vice City and San Andreas had. I would love to see all the features of SA back (lots of side missions, vehicles, weapons rampages, car customisation, airplanes etc), and even some of the more ridiculous ones such as jetpacks and the like.

I think that by going ultra realistic they lost a lot of the incentive to play on after you finish the story; or at least that's what i have found. I would really love there to be large expanses of wilderness and farming areas again, as these open up all kinds of other game options (offroad racing, biking, hunting etc).

Having two cities at least would be great and give R* a reason to put planes back in. Pretty much all that has been said previously (especially by the previous poster) i agree with. The main message is make it more fun, even if it decreases the realism of the game.

Actually a good way of avoiding the clash between people wanting an ultra realistic game and those who want just a fun game would be to hold off on introducing stupid things (eg jetpacks, lightsabers, UFOs as some have suggested) until the main story line is finished.

Just my 2 cents

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