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Relationship Status


Whats your Relationship Status?  

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    • Single
    • Seeing Someone
    • Maried
    • Complicated Relationship
    • Not interested in love at all.

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Sherman, it's like..I don't know for sure, but I can feel something..You know? Like, on the internet (msn, Bebo) It'd be like..Hint here..Poke there but it's never brought up in person.

Why don't you ask her out to a nice coffee shop or something? Ya know, get things started. That's what I end up doing, if they're that type of girl.

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I'm a single pringle and I'm not bothered what so ever.

Had a boyfriend last year, worlds biggest twat face. Tried it on with four of my friends at a party I was at. He was lucky I didn't find out till the morning or he would have been bitch slapped.

I will bag a Welsh person next year in Cardiff.

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Single for my entire lonely-ass life.

That's why we're both assholes! :awesome:

Actually, it's more a chicken/egg thing with me. I have no idea if years of loneliness made me a bitter asshole or if it's because I'm a bitter asshole that I can't get a girlfriend. Either way, stop touching me, you snaggle-toothed whore.

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I'm also single, I had a chance of being with someone few months ago but I turned her offer down ... I really don't know why. She was a cool girl but I don't think I was ready for a relationship.

that happened to me some years ago, but i refused because she used a different name...

but kinda regretted that later but i moved on

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