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What is yours favorite phrases in GTA:SA

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Shouldn't this be in the San Andreas section?

When Cj says something ot Hernandez when he is about to die 'you an asshole to the end'

That was Pulaski, not Nernandez, just pointing it out. ;)

When CJ says "Shit"

Yeah, I always liked when he yelled that out when he crashed someone.

I liked when CJ asked Cesar twice if the Pope shits in the woods. ^_^

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actually, cj said: "loc, is he available for coh myoo ni cay shan"

vice city: (just the five of us)"yeah, and i'm santa clause, now tidy your room"


(boomshine saigon)"lookout! charlie in the tree"

sa: (when cj fall without parachute) "i hate gravityyyyyy!!!!"

(cj talk to cesar) "does the pope shit in the woods?"

(jethro) "does the polar bear shit in the woods?"

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There's a bunch of things all characters say, especially these ones...

"OG-Loc, OG- Joke. That's more like it" (one of his girlfriends) :lolbounce:

"Car crashes are so erotic" (same girlfriend) :wacko:

"Keep talking, That's amazing, Oh really, Uhu uhu" (CJ when driving with his girlfriends) :thumbsup:

"I ain't insecure but tell me I'm the best, You should get paid for this, I love you girl, I hope you're girl" " (CJ when having some "Hot Coffee") :hug:

Tha funniest conversation: Between CJ and Sweet talking about the British guy that jerks off all the time (Dr. Jerkov) :rofl2:

And my favorite quote "I smoke 'cause it gives me knowledge" (a pedestrian) :cigar:

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"Does the pope shit in the woods?"

"Do polar bears shit in the woods?" "No, but they shit in the liquor tent."

"You wearing body armor, Smoke?" (it's funny cause the armor's so stretched to fit Smoke)

"She drives like a maniac, holmes!" (he says it in a funny way)

"My mansion's awesome!" "I know, I've been there... I mean, seen it on TV" (I was literally Rolling On the Floor Laughing then)

and one from Vice City:

"Hey Tim, they've got your wife!'

"But I'm not married!"

"You are now - TO AMERICA!" (I've heard that line a million times, but it's always so funny)

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CJ talking to Woozie - (something like)"I went swimming off Santa Maria when I was a kid & got a Condom stuck to my face.

That kinda thing scars you." just before he sneaks onto the cargo ship in SF.

That's some funny *ss sh*t. Before that Woozie says he can't swim, but actually on his first mission in SF if you crash your car in the water he'll swim...

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