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Where Do You Live?

tommy vercetti guy

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Burgos, Montalban(near Manila),District 1,Rizal Province,Calabarzon, Region 4, Luzon, Philippines!!,South east asia, Asia, Earth, Inner Solar System, Solar System, Milkyway Galaxy, Universe


Satisfied now?

And i live jzt few meters frm ThuG4LifE's house

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me is blenheim new zealand for those of you that are mistakend we are not part of australia ok kol post ur country and town

Thank god for that. We don't want to be associated with you sheep f***ers. hehehehe

Nah just kidding mate.:)

Aussie lad here. Gotta love living in a country, that's by it self, and not clusterf***ed in with about 90 others.

Freedom is rad.:)

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