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Favourite/Least Favourite Island

Toast Boy

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What island do you like/hate the most in GTA3?

My favourite has to be Staunton Island, as it is nice and flat and there are lots of roads so you can easily find your way to pretty much any destination specified on the radar.

I hate Shoreside Vale, there aren't enough roads and places like the airport and Wichita Gardens are separated by water. The roads have far too many hairpins, and all of this makes the firefighter and vigilante missions harder, as the game thinks you can get from A to B quite quickly and therefore gives you a short amount of time to do the task, but in fact you are confronted by hairpin corners or a body of water and you run out of time all too quickly.

OK, that's my rant about Shoreside Vale over, but seriously, does anyone actually like that island?

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My favourite is Staunton island sunce I can find better cars there. I also like it because it has better facilities. They are 2 Subways, a large park to go exploring in, a building you can climb (AMCO), 2 bridges, the university (Liberty Campus) and The stadium.

My least favourite is Shoreside, its just crap. I hate it since one road connects the Island, The Airport is harder to get to from the main area of Shoreside vale. The porter tunnel is the only thing what can get you to the airport quicker. It is too small. It has lack of roads.

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Shoreside Vale is the safest spot to lay low on. As there's no gangs hating you waiting outside your doors to attack. In Portland you get some cool welcomes with the Mafia blowing up your cars, Triads shooting at you and the Diablos pulling you out of the car if you drive like an idiot.

So... 1: Portland 2: Staunton 3: SSV

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