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Happy Birthday Chris


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Today we celebrate the birthday of our hardworkinglong-standing leader, Chris, who is 18 today.

Turning 18 is a big event, the big signpost of the successful transition into adulthood. Aside from being able to buy alcohol and pornography, it comes with a lot of respect, and a lot of responsibility. No longer is he looked after by the state, no longer is everything done for him, but he has to make his own way in his own world. That's what being an adult is all about.

As for Chris himself, he's achieved what so many before and since have tried and failed to do - he is running a successful and profitable website. The GTA Place is a well-respected source of reliable and consistent information, and the forums are loved by many (and hated by a few). We've had our ups and downs, members and staff coming and going, hackings and spammings, competitions and rivalries - we even saw Chris entirely relinquish control for a while. However, through all the turbulent times, we've seen the this place grow and continue growing - it is, by all marks, a success.

In my line of work, we see so many sites come and go; so many hopefuls falling at the first hurdle; and so many entrepreneurs crushed under the weight of their own ego. Chris has eventually managed to strike the right balance between working and playing, although that isn't too hard since he admittedly doesn't do very much of either.

I personally wouldnt be anywhere near where I am now if it wasn't for Chris. I would be churning out thousands of pounds a year for hosting, have to buy my own domains and code my own sites. I am extremely grateful for all the help he gives me on an almost daily basis, and I try to return as many favours as I can. He is a great friend in that respect, plus the fact we've always got on well. After meeting him in person a couple of weeks ago, I'm really looking forward to spending a few years at university together.

Without this turning into too much of a tribute instead of a simple happy birthday, I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking him for what he's done, and wishing him the very best for whatever lies ahead.


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Tonight I hope you get pissed and laid :).

I hoped that too but it's not gonna happen unfortunately :P

I'm going out for a meal with family now, so I won't be getting pissed then, and I doubt I would get pissed on my own when I get back, although it might be funny to do so...

Anyway, at least I can legally have a pint of beer tonight :D

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