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Who is your most hated person in GTA Vice city: ?


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  1. 1. Who???

    • Lance Vance
    • Big Mitch Baker
    • Ken Rosenberg
    • Steve Scott
    • Auntie Poulet
    • Sonny Forelli
    • Ricardo Diaz
    • Avery Carrington
    • Juan Garcia Cortez
    • Gonzalez

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I'm surprised you didn't include Umberto... he made you do all that crap while was trying to get layed and then take kare of poppa.(and he says he has big cojones..)

damn.. I don't kmow why so many people hat cortez?? he was sort of cool, he apreciates your efforts pays you well and gives you a cool speeder, he wasn't like that 900 pond son of a bitch poulet who made you drink some elixir crap tht made you get a deja-vu xperience, made you do dumb shit( those planes were freaking hard!!!) and then says she don't want you in town no more.

hell, I'm glad the kubans won.....

lance was a bastard.. but you did kinda force him though... cuz when you kill diaz the mansion is renamed "vercetti estate" and no mention of vance, lance, or quentin on anything....I mean i wouldnt like that to happen to me.....

but the bastard I think should be most hated is steve scott and kent paul... they do wierd shit and dont help much....

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